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It is a useful tool that referred to the wonderful concept of "LogPose" in japanese cartoon "OnePiece".It is a sphere-compass with navigation.It always indicates the destination arbitrarily registered in 3D.【Exsample Usage】・Compass(It is more intuitive than a usual compass)・Simple navigation(Go your way to the destination in a free route)・The trekking planning(Any aimed top is understood even if losing way)・Treasure hunting game(It is possible to transfer it as a treasure map)・Secret tour planning(Route of travel and trip information URL can be transferred by the set)・Memory of a parking lot place
【Function Outline】
1."3D Compass" Mode・It is possible to use as "Compass" that points at the north at any time.・Without worrying neither direction nor the inclination of the terminal,you can understand the north knowing by intuition.
2."Eternal Pose" Mode・When "Spot" is registered,it comes always to indicate there.・"Spot" can be registered plurals,and can specify positional coordinates and each radius easily on MAP.
3."Log Pose" Mode・When "Route" is registered,it follows in the order and it comes to indicate ahead.・"Route" can be registered plurals,and can select "Spot" that is registered easily on MAP.・If the "stay-time" registered in each "Spot" passes,the next spot is indicated.
4."New World" Mode・"Compass""Eternal Pose""Log Pose" are displayed on one screen.
5.Other function.・URL that records information on the place can be set to each "Spot". you can refer to sightseeing information easily at any time. When unsetting it, the name of the destination is used as WEB-searching key word,and you can refer to the result of serching at any time.・ON/OFF switch of background-transparency-mode(AR)・ON/OFF switch of Vertical-gap-mode(You can register "Sky-Island" or "Fishman-Island" in "OnePiece".)・Export/import of registration data.・Send/Catch of registration data by Bluetooth. (You can pass the data of home location or the recommended tour to your friend.)